Best B&B Experiences Across The UK

Bed and breakfast accommodations in the UK are often located in great locales that facilitate easy accessibility along with ensuring guest’s privacy and intimacies. The B&Bs across the UK’s seaside offers a large number of exquisite services and splendid room interiors.

For instance, Lowther House in Cumbria offers rooms with interiors filled with antiques and maritime drawings along with offering special Cumbrian history evenings for its guests. While, Boscastle House in Cornwall offers large gardens, croquet lawns and special Cornish cream tea at breakfast. Moreover, B&Bs located in metropolitan areas of the UK offers a host of amenities with unique experiences all at affordable costs. B&Bs such as Number 42 in London offers a super kings suite, spacious rooms with balcony for families, a wine cellar and long gardens.

Further, B&Bs such as 26 Hillgate Place in Notting Hill ensure luxury accommodation at affordable prices with exquisite interiors furnished with Indian antiques and Caribbean themed bath tubs while offering a Dutch breakfast. A lot of villas are refurbished and converted to B&Bs in the UK such as Willows Bed and Breakfast in Scotland which offers en-suite guest rooms with traditional interiors inside a completely refurbished Victorian-era villa.

Most B&Bs facilities offer free WiFi facilities ensuring the guests remain connected while offering delicious yet healthy breakfasts prepared from seasonal local fresh produces. Moreover, there are other B&Bs providing spa and massage facilities to its guests such as Botelet near Cornwall which offers therapeutic massages in treatment rooms. Further, some B&Bs go the extra mile in ensuring guests are offered fresh breakfasts, such as The Linhay near Devon that offers breakfast made out of home-laid eggs, sausages from owned pigs, organic muesli and homemade jams. Moreover, interior decorations in B&Bs vary widely such as room decorations full of French antique pieces and painted diamond floors offered by Waterlock House, Kent, to minimal yet neat rooms offered by the Strathallan Guest House in Edinburgh.

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